One of the most effective ways to obtain visibility and raise brand awareness is through social media. However, in order to be shared, loved, or even noticed, you must stand out, and words alone will not suffice. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a graphic design genius to be successful on social networking. All you need are the right tools for the job.


Canva is a gold mine of social media templates. It makes creating outstanding Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Instagram stories posts a breeze. Almost every social media template you’ll ever need is already loaded and ready to use. They’re also completely free to use! There are paid photographs, graphics, and stickers in their library, but there are plenty of free alternatives to begin you updating your social media pages on a regular basis and generating fantastic material that helps you succeed on social media.


Unsplash is a massive collection of free professional images. Yes, it’s completely free! You can use the images to create a social media campaign, an ad, or a simple post. When you combine this with the free Canva templates, you’ve got a method to generate professional, shareable content in minutes.

Media Lapse.

Need a catchy video but don’t have access to a video editor? Need a catchy visual but don’t have enough time or skill to create?  It’s no problem! The Media Lapse solution from upix is really easy to use, yet it allows you to control creative flow and adjust same as per your goals.

So there you have it: our three secret tools for social media success. What used to be a lengthy effort will now only take you an hour to complete a week’s worth of great social media material.

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