Want to boost your company’s social media but don’t have any photography skills? We’ve put up a list of six creative tools to get you started.

Visual content works very well in the world of social media marketing. What draws your interest when you scroll through your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn feed: a wall of text, a bold image, or a video? It’s the image or video, according to study.

Take a look at some of the numbers:


Images attract 2.3 times more interaction on Facebook than posts without them.


Visuals are absolutely vital to 69 percent of companies’ marketing strategies.
(Today’s Social Media)


64 percent of all online buyers say videos they saw on social media platforms like Facebook influenced their buying decisions.
(Today’s Social Media)

On social media, video is the second most popular content type for increasing audience engagement.

Consumers are constantly scrolling through hundreds of adverts, articles, and notifications, so having a strong visual content strategy is critical if you want to stand out.

But what if you don’t know anything about graphic design or photography? Is it still possible to work as a social media marketer?

Yes, with some instruction and the appropriate creative tools. It pays to add some creative abilities to your toolkit if you’re pursuing a career in social media marketing so you can stand out from the crowd. The good news is that you don’t have to be a professional graphic designer or cameraman to achieve success. All you have to do now is learn how to use the creative tools that make creating amazing visual material a breeze.

Here are five more creative tools to familiarize yourself with:


Not everyone has the time or resources to shoot their own material. This is where Wave enters the picture. Wave has a stock library with over 200 million films and photos, and you can even upload your own to get the look and story you want.

Wave has a free video editing plan that allows users to edit up to 15 seconds of video, but you’ll need to pay up for a monthly package to access all of the tools and stock library.


Biteable is a fantastic content marketing solution for video advertising, explainer videos, animations, and other types of digital material.

The Shutterstock clicks collection is one of Biteable’s biggest features. Around 85,000 footage of people, animals, food, and more are available, all of which have been professionally filmed and are ready to use.

This tool is free for five video projects each month, but you must pay for a plan to erase watermarks and make more videos.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a video editing program that every social media marketer should own. It’s a free mobile and desktop video editing program for novices and those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of Premiere Pro. From anywhere, shoot, edit, and share high-quality films. You have the ability to add audio, modify speeds, customize titles, and enhance colors.

The Premiere Rush app is available for free on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.


The company behind Buffer, the social media scheduling app, has created a free online photo editor Pablo. It allows you to quickly generate and edit photographs that are suitable for social networking. The service gives users access to a typeface collection, 600,000+ searchable photos, and recommended sizes for key social networking platforms.


Over is a must-have for your Instagram marketing arsenal if you’re serious about it. The photo editing app was originally designed for mobile devices, but it has now been made available for PC as well. It lets you change the colors, fonts, and text, making it ideal for inspiring quotations.


Are you interested in making picture collages? Fotor is the tool you should use. It may also be used to make social media graphics and photo editing. You may choose from over 1 million stock pictures and design templates on Fotor.

The drag-and-drop tool makes it simple to place photographs into the design of your choosing, and you can create your design with hundreds of different typefaces.

The tutorials are another amazing feature of Fotor. Take the time to acquire other design abilities, such as how to utilize color in graphic design, the best YouTube thumbnail pictures, and so on, in addition to the Fotor tool.

Now it’s your turn.

It’s never been easier to create social media graphics, pictures, and videos. To get beautiful outcomes, you only need to become familiar with the numerous creative tools and how to use their capabilities. Because there are so many tools available, it’s worth taking the time to figure out the ones you like. That is the purpose of the free trials. It’s all part of your preparation for a career in social media marketing.

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