Executives from E3iG approached us with request for well graded investment website for the USA based company. One of main requests was that it should offer precise information of investment possibilities and investing benefits, for foreign investors, in USA as part of an agency work.



The new responsive site has been heavily optimized in user-friendliness. Visitors on the new website can now go through simple steps of investment that are presented in calm and professional tone, and inquire additional information or meeting in several countries. Site was also integrated with WordPress so the E3iG management team has the option to independently add and change the content.


During the first three months we received in the website more than 200 visitors/day. The purpose, request for personal advice, we exceeded 58% above the target. And we have made it possible for hundreds of potential investors to get found of and learn of benefits of investment in USA again thanks to the Matt Gordons Blog activity.

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